What is RainZ?

Remember the McCains 'Super Juicy' commercial?

Well... It was a typical warm day in Perth. None of us check the weather when it feels ~25° right? We sat there drenched at lunchtime after walking in the rain with no jackets, umbrellas like a bunch of muppets. If only there was something to remind us...

But you say "Why not watch the news, read the paper, download *yet another* app, check the internet?"

💡 SMS's have a 94% open rate (something you can't really ignore). So we ripped some data from the Australian Bureau of Meterolgy, hooked up some APIs and yada yada yada no more being a muppet. It shoots you an SMS in the morning if there is more than a 29% chance of rain.

In the process we decided to make it available for all you Aussies FREE* of charge.

*This project costs us ~$0.07 per sms. We simply ask that you share this by any means possible via social media, family, friends and/or make a donation to https://www.ruralaid.org.au/. We use a reliable and bulk Australian SMS supplier to send these out.